We’ll See What Happens

I’m a contractor living in Maryland, close to DC. My goal over the last several years has been to transition some of my day-to-day into becoming a home inspector. There isn’t a negative here. I like my job as a handyperson and a generalist. I get paid decent and have enough clientele that I can stay as busy as I want. Sure my knees aren’t the best anymore, but really I like diagnosing issues, when I really stop to think about it. And I feel that being a home inspector might give me the chance, at least on a cursory level, to diagnose things for clients who are truly listening.

I guess if there is a negative about my day job it’s that people in DC are busy. If there is a leak or they need some shelves built or name-your-repair, most of the time, and I pretty much mean all of the time, they don’t care; they aren’t interested in hearing about it; they just want it fixed and move on. Not that what I do is rocket surgery, but I can certainly feel overlooked sometimes when I solve a hidden problem that was pretty difficult and all they want to know is who to make the check out to, how come I don’t take credit cards, and how much is the bill. I say that all with a light sense of humor. These things don’t weigh heavily on my heart, but it can sometimes make me feel less talented than I believe myself to be.

See What Happens

As I have started to collect resources and taken steps to become a home inspector (home inspectress, as my husband says), I realized that I am keeping notes in separate documents that could easily live on a website where I could collect my thoughts and also have them live in a place where others could benefit from it. To be clear, I might never become a home inspector. Life is busy. It’s very busy here in DC Metro. This site might go years without me adding something else to it, but I am going to try.

If you are in the same boat as I am and are interested in becoming a home inspector, let’s trade notes. Or tell me some resources that you have found and I will include them as well as learn from them. Or if I’m making some mistakes or not thinking through something, please let me know. I’ll do the same.

Alright. Here goes nothing.